Walk With Andrew - 4/27/2014

On the day of June 29th I was at my friends lake with a couple of close buddies. The sun was shining and the water was calm so we decided to go out on the lake and have some fun. We were tubing and waterskiing until a terrible storm came out of nowhere. We hurried to dock up the boat and get to shore quickly. My friend and I decided to start bringing in the tubes so that they wouldn't fly away. During this action a tree collapsed on to me and my friend. Luckily he only acquired a fracture in his foot, but on the other hand, I suffered from several injuries. Most of my ribs were fractured, I had 2 pelvic fractures, 2 collapsed lungs and worst of all my T-8 and T-9 vertebrae were fractured. Because of the damage to my back, it left me with an incomplete spinal cord injury, not allowing to move or feel from about my belly button down. Due to wrestling and lifting 6 out of 7 days week, I survived this accident.

My neurosurgeon told me that an average boy my age would've died from the impact. That is what I am thankful for. When I woke up from unconsciousness the first question I asked was "How is everyone else?" As they told me that everyone was fine besides my friends foot fracture, I was extremely relieved. Later on in my journey through the hospital I told my mom "I'm going to get through this, I always find a way." After two months in the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, my lungs, ribs, and pelvis healed only leaving me with my damaged spinal cord. Five days a week I go to therapy fighting my hardest to just walk again. I also have continued my sophomore year in high school.

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